Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We Are Going Back to Kyiv

We are healthy and physically fine, but we are heading back to Kyiv. It has been an emotionally difficult time here in the region. with regard to the adoption process.

I understand why people don't post a lot of information on their blogs now. It is an emotional rollercoaster ride and it leaves you empty and worn. Often you must just be quiet, patient, regain your emotional endurance, and wait to see what will happen.

This is the hardest thing we have endured, or at least the equivalent of a medical crisis within the family. It is heartwrenching and not for those with a lack of emotional endurance.

Aiden is homesick but springs back quickly with a little playing outside and compassion and understanding. A little chocolate before lunch rather then for dessert doesn't hurt either. We live in the moment now.

I am sorry for the limited information. It is necessary for the moment.



Jason, Erica, and Ashton Reed said...

Whatever may have happened while you were in region and whatever may happen down the road, try to remember that God has called you to adopt and has a child waiting just for your family. You are correct in that adoption is draining and an emotional roller coaster but the reward can be so sweet. I have to tell myself everyday not to lose sight that God's timing is always perfect. We will continue to pray for your family.

Kristen said...

You are being prayed for.

Tami said...

I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. We certainly understand. We'll be praying for you constantly and if we can do anything from this end let me know.

Carolyn Kahler said...

Jack and I have been thinking about your family a lot these last few days. Please know that our hearts are with you. We understand the emotional roller coaster of it all. Sometimes a family just needs to circle the wagons and take time alone to regroup before moving on to the next step. Hang in there. May God be with you. (Now go get some chocolate!)

Ruslan and Inna said...

We will continue to pray for your family! I can't imagine how hard it is on all of you. Please remember that God is in control of everything and He does make miracles. So, don't lose hope.

John and Amy said...

Rita and Drew:
Our thoughts are with you! What you are going thru is so much more than most folks will ever be able to comprehend. It just drains you in all ways.
We will be thinking about you guys and try to send positive vibes your way. When one door closes, another door opens. It may not be to the direction you thought you were headed, but each door opens you to an amazing room to give you the opportunity to fulfill a part of yourself.


adoptedthree said...

Rita and Drew
Stay strong. I too have been in your shoes. It is not easy. It was actually the hardest thing I ever did in my life. You are right there is no way to actually explain to others the way it feels. It is draining. Noone can ever understand exactly what your family has experienced.

Have faith. Dont give up. Fight the Fight!

Dave said...

I am so sorry for your pain. Praying for God to encourage you and give you comfort and hope.

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you. We too experienced many delays and setbacks in our Ukraine adoption process.....but know, that when you finally find that realize that everything happened for a reason. Hang in there....


Kathy & Matt said...

Rita and Drew,
We got home last night and the first thing I checked was your blog. I'm so sorry the referral was not right for your family. Matt and I will be praying even more for you as you wait to see what next steps will include. Trust your know what is best for your family and you'll know when you meet the right child.

We so enjoyed our time with you in Kiev and enjoyed meeting Aiden. I hope the weather stays as nice as it was our last days there so you can spend more time outside with him.

Feel free to email if you want to vent, bounce ideas off another, etc. We're praying for you!!!

Toni said...

Thinking of you and sending you positive mojo and FL sunshine.