Thursday, September 27, 2007

Our Dossier was Finally Submitted

Monday, September 17, 2002.

We were told that there was NO way our dossier was going to be submitted before it hit the 6-month mark (and when the SDA won't accept a dossier). I was completely taken aback when we received the email from our wonderful faciliator, Valentina. I am very nervous about the date we will have our appointment in Ukraine. We know it will be in December or January. I am hoping it will be January. Mother has been in the hospital since August and will be recovered by January. We hope this will all come together.

Now we need to gather up winter clothing and do our best to take as little as possible in the middle of winter. What a challenge this will be. Drew and I are determined to take only our Rick Steve's backpacks. Aiden will get a rolling carry on bag. I have lists and lists of advice on what to take to travel light, and including all the items would fill several check-in bags. :) It seem surreal right now, and I am still back and forth at the hospital. When we get our date I will have to hop to it.