Thursday, September 27, 2007

Our Dossier was Finally Submitted

Monday, September 17, 2002.

We were told that there was NO way our dossier was going to be submitted before it hit the 6-month mark (and when the SDA won't accept a dossier). I was completely taken aback when we received the email from our wonderful faciliator, Valentina. I am very nervous about the date we will have our appointment in Ukraine. We know it will be in December or January. I am hoping it will be January. Mother has been in the hospital since August and will be recovered by January. We hope this will all come together.

Now we need to gather up winter clothing and do our best to take as little as possible in the middle of winter. What a challenge this will be. Drew and I are determined to take only our Rick Steve's backpacks. Aiden will get a rolling carry on bag. I have lists and lists of advice on what to take to travel light, and including all the items would fill several check-in bags. :) It seem surreal right now, and I am still back and forth at the hospital. When we get our date I will have to hop to it.


Mike & Tara said...

Congratulations!! Wonderful news! We are waiting for our appointment date as well - we're hoping to travel in December. Perhaps we'll see you in Kiev.

wanting4 said...

Congrats!!! Ive been following your blog since I met you on the yahoo adopt ukraine board and I was watching to see when you would be submitted. We have decided that the adoption thing isnt for us but I cant stop reading the blogs and looking at faces of the children in the orphanages. I pray you will have a very easy trip and will come home with your child. Love Suzanne Robinson

Nataliya said...

What a wonderful news! We are preadoptive parents a little bit ahead of you in the process - our SDA appointment is on November 20th.

Good luck in your journey!

April, Jason, Gavin & Ethan said...

Wow, congratulations! I just came across your blog & I am so excited because we are submitted on the exact same day!!! Woo-hoo! It's only been a couple weeks of waiting now, but I am dying to find out our date (& hope that we are not rejected)! Come and see my blog if you want & maybe we can keep in touch? ♥ April

adopting2fromUkraine said...

Congratulations! One hurdle down:)

Tami said...

I read your post and then forgot to come back and CONGRATULATE you!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What wonderful news. I'm sure you'll be hearing something soon!

Joy Rae said...

Hello! I found your blog through others! My husband and I are also adopting from Ukraine. We leave on Nov. 12th for a Nov. 14th SDA Appt.

I look forward to following your journey!

Joy Rae