Sunday, June 17, 2007

Just Waiting and Hoping We are Submitted Soon.

We are waiting for our dossier to be submitted to the SDA. Our facilitator Valentina said we are one of the first families in line to get it submitted. We are not sitting on pins and needles. It will happen when it happens. It is easy for us now to be patient. The age restriction laws that everyone was so worried about were vetoed by the Ukraine President. Since their parliament is also being dissolved, it seems to be a moot issue at this point. That isn't to say that it may not resurface in the future, but we hope it will be after our adoption is completed.

I am dreading having to redo paperwork for the "six month rule". The SDA wants all the documents to be valid for another 6 months when they are submitted. Because you don't know when they will be submitted, you are on continuous alert for dates of documents. Depending upon how long it takes to get them, you have to start working on them in advance so that you can replace the prior document before it hits its 6 month mark. We will begin to update documents at the end of July. Hopefully our dossier will be submitted by then so we won't have to do it.

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Kathy & Matt said...

Time to update this blog! :)
Now it's the next stage of waiting.