Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dr Yuri

Yes, you are allowed to call your personal medical doctor during the appt and go over the files with him/her. I feel it was worth the consulation to know which files to dismiss. You don't want to waste time with files that contain information that you don't want to consider. Do your homework before coming with regard to medical conditions if you don't have an IA doctor. Then again I am offered words of advice from former adoptees that their children had diagnoses they were told to avoid and didn't really have them.

FYI about the appt. There is mixed information on whether your translator is allowed in the appt. Before it was yes and now it is no but we were able to have ours nonetheless probably because one from the SDA was not available. Also, write up sheets of questions to ask and have a separate sheet for each file. Info comes so quickly and you don't want to scribble it down on just a piece of paper.

Please pray for us/send positive thoughts (and to the children). We are fearful about our second appointment request. We are fearful we may not find a child to bring home and to love. While we would like a perfectly healthy child we will be glad to have a child that can just BE an interactive sibling to our exisiting child.


Ruslan and Inna said...

Thanks for your e-mail! I was able to get in touch w/ Dr Yuri and let him know that we too want a consultation prior to our SDA appointment.

Ken said...

Hi! We are Nance & Ken Fritz and are going to Ukraine soon to adopt. So sorry to hear about the little boy! Would it be possible to email us and let us know about how the SDA lists medical info in the files for these kids. What to expect and HOW to prepare! Im all nervous about it now not knowing what to believe and what not to?!
Thanks so much!
Hopeing and praying for you guys for a quick and successful 2nd referal!!!