Friday, February 29, 2008

No News Friday

We were hoping for some news today but received none. We will try again on Monday. Next week will be a time of assessing our situation.

We thank everyone for their emails, comments, prayers and positive thoughts. It means a great deal to us to read what you write.

We hope the path of others that come after us will be much smoother. Decide if you can live with the worst outcome, prepare for it, then rejoice in your success.



Jason, Erica, and Ashton Reed said...

Waiting is so difficult! We were told by our facilitator that formal letters would be given today to families waiting for 2nd appointments, but we haven't heard anything from our agency yet and it's almost 8 p.m. now in Kiev. Please know that you aren't alone and that perfect strangers are praying for you. Since we began our adoption, my mother has become a blog addict. Just this morning she told me that she woke-up thinking about your family. She said, "I've been praying for Drew and Rita all morning and I don't even know them." As hard as it is to remember at times, God's timing is always perfect (I can't tell you how many times I have reminded myself of that this morning alone!).

Julie said...

Praying that God leads you to your child soon...


christie said...

Drew and Rita,

Do you think it is possible for a 3rd appt.?

Praying for strength for you. This must be very difficult.