Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back to the SDA

We went back to the SDA this afternoon to talk to the #2 person about getting a second appointment. Our translator will call her back tomorrow to see what update is given at that point. We ran in Dr. Yuri outside the SDA. He said he talked with a family that seems to have turned down a relatively healthy sibling referral (2) based mostly on fear. We hope we make it to the point of making a decision on a relatively healthy child.

I wonder if most people know that the imfamous SDA hallway is really a stairwell. There is a small hallway through a doorway if you want to call it a hallway, but it has a couch in it and is really for people waiting to see someone inside the office.

We had a late lunch at our favorite Ukrainian cafeteria and met with the Paulsens for an hour before they too headed over to the SDA. I hope things work out for them with a second referral.

We walked back to the apartment through the courtyard at Pocrafvsky(?) Church and picked up a couple pictures of some saints. There is a delightful kiosk in the courtyard selling all kinds of religious items. Our translator said this church is not listed in any tourist book because it is purely an operating church and monestary.

Drew thinks the answer to a good night of sleep is a couple beers, so I'm going to try one and see if I can finish it.


Shawn said...

Hi There,
We are a Canadian family in the process of adopting from Ukraine.
We are experiencing a roadblock within our government and need to find out crucial information before they will send our dossier. We need help from someone Ukraine right now. If you can, please email me and I'll explain. Thanks.

Shawn said...

OOPS! Here's our email;

Chris said...

Drew and Rita, we are praying for you and have you in our thoughts. I just read all your posts since you arrived, and will pass along your request for positive thoughts and prayers. Good luck with the SDA, and I hope Aiden is able to put down the gameboy.

April said...

Oh, I had no idea how things were going for you guys. I guess we have been so wrapped up in our own travels and adventures. I feel so sad for how things worked out for you. We will be praying for you and checking back in whenever we have the chance. Good luck with getting another SDA appointment soon!!

Tami said...

You guys are in our thoughts and prayers. Hopefully you'll hear something soon.

rachel said...

i keep checking in hopes that you have good news.
hang in there, i pray you find your new little boy soon.