Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Second Appointment!

Our translator called to inform us that we have a second appointment tomorrow. We are so excited and so scared. Going through a second appointment will make us turn gray earlier then expected. It is one of the most nerve wrecking times in our life. We hope we find our child today. Will post again as soon as possible. We will not know where we are going until after we make a selection and we will more then likely be leaving very quickly. We do not know if we will have internet access. Please send us the best of luck.

Aiden was very homesick last night. He was not making good choices and said he wanted to be a mean guy. Then he just blurted out to me that he wanted to go home to our house and didn't want to have a brother or sister any more. Poor kid. He does remarkably well most of the time but nighttime can be difficult for him. I think a lot of the food from the grocery store has a lot of sugar in it (I can't read the labels) and that isn't helping him stay calm.


Tami said...

YEA!!!!! We'll be thinking of you today! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Drew Michelle and Luke Paras said...

Fabulous news!! I can't wait for tomorrow to come and read all about it. What time is your appointment?

Poor Aiden. I am sure he can feel the stress of the whole situation. Luckily he won't remember any of this but will remember the love and friendship of his new sibling for the rest of his life.

Lots of hugs and prayers coming your way!

Jason, Erica, and Ashton Reed said...

Congratulations on the fast 2nd appointment! We're anxiously awaiting your next post!