Sunday, February 24, 2008

Last Weekend in Kiev

Since we leave Sunday night we need to finish off what we still want to do in Kiev. I could have slept all day yesterday, but we found another church on our list located just north of Independence Square. We then headed over to St. Sophias and it started to rain. We will try to tour St. Sophias today before catching the night train to our region.

We met the Johnson family for dinner last night. They are finishing their paperwork before heading home to the States. They are a lovely family and their daughter is a delightful girl. She is perfect and charming and cute. Aiden loved playing with her and didn't want her to go home with the Johnsons. We hope we find a daughter this delightful.

There is nothing new to post. The city/town we will be in is relatively small and doesn't have a lot of tourist sites, but it is known for its natural surroundings. Summer would be more ideal in this area, but we will make the best of it and we also have a little one with us to keep us entertained and busy. So far we have had no down time at all.


Tami said...

I'm so glad you were able to meet up with the Johnson's before heading to your region. By now you're probably on the train. Can't wait to hear how your meeting goes.

Lisa, Chris & Lucas said...

Drew and Rita,

I've been following along and I am thrilled that you had a promising second appointment. I will be waiting with great anticipation to hear if this little girl is your daughter. My prayers and good wishes go with you on the train!



Rita, We are looking forward to hearing about this little girl! You are in our prayers.
Could you please tell Alla to email me as emails to her keep bouncing back. She is a sweetie. You are in good hands.
Keep us posted!! You will love the train! LOL

DoveFamily said...

Been following your blog for a while now - praying that your meeting with this little girl goes well!

So nice that you got to meet with the Johnsons, too!

Winnie said...

Please post, I'm checking your blog too much!!


rachel said...

ditto to winnie's...

although i'm sure you will post when you are able.
you have a bunch of people (including your online supporters) who are hoping that things are going well!

best regards,