Tuesday, February 12, 2008

First Days in Kyiv

Sorry for the tardy post. We wanted internet connections in the apartment but didn't get it. We walk across the street to the post office and pay about $1/hour for internet time. It is very convenient, but we cannot use our laptop and you have to take all your email addresses and remember everything you want to do. Anyway, we had some cell phone issues for the first two days that have now been cleared up.

The flight went well. Passport control was a non-issue. We sailed through customs. Our translator was easily found. We went to a grocery store before going to the apartment (with the books and the eyes). Kyiv has anything you need except perhaps peanut butter. Anyone planning to travel here should not bring food stuff or toilettries. I'm not sure about over the counter meds because I didn't check them out.

The weather is actually quite pleasant. We hope to get some toys from a toy store today and take Aiden to a park in the neighborhood.

We met with Dr. Yuri last night. He is worth the time and the small fee for the consultation.

Our SDA appointment is tomorrow at 11am.

We hope to catch up with the Caseys and the Paulsens today. They both have their appointments today.

We are still trying to get our sleep/wake cycles corrected. I've had about 8 hours of sleep since arriving. I just can't sleep. Aiden seemed to be all set but woke up at midnight last night and didn't get back to sleep until 3pm. Drew is getting more sleep but not enough. This sleep thing can drive you to madness.

Little things are making us crazy. The old keyboards at the post office duplicates letters and overlooks spacebar entries. Our pastries dropped in a plastic bag without a bottom (cream all over the bag). Trying to cross the street. We don't get all our change when we pay for stuff. Whoever said don't sweat the small stuff was right.

I'm running out of internet time. I'm not sure how I will ever be able to send pictures. Hope to find a wireless internet place soon. Our translator really doesn't seem to want us to go to one and doesn't seem to know where any are locally. (yeah)



Tami said...

Yea...I finally figured out the change thing toward the end of my trip. (Took me long enough). Eventually it comes back to your favor. Sometimes if you're short they don't need the little bits of change.
Glad to hear you arrived safely in Kiev and had an easy time through passport and customs. Can't wait to read about your SDA appt.

Sondra said...

Good to hear that you all made it and our safe and sound. I'm so happy and excited and nervous for you all.
Send love!

Nataliya said...

Hopefully you'll get used to the diferent time zone soon, so you'll be all set by the time you need to go the region.

Good luck with your appointment tomorrow, and take it easy with the little things.

April said...

I'm so glad that you made it safely to Kiev! Thank you for the tips about packing... I'm doing that today. I'm on here right now printing out a list of my friends and families email addresses because of what you said. Thank you & good luck!!

MamaPoRuski said...

If you are near the Maiden, there is a pizza place down the road next to Mc'D's (same side as the buses stop) that advertises WIFI and their pizza isn't too bad. The other buildings with internet cafe ads outside were closed.
So glad everything else is going well, don't forget to try the ice cream!

Ruslan and Inna said...

Glad you made it OK. Can't wait for tomorrow!

Julie said...

Thanks for the tip aboout having emails with you - I'll add that to our list! Can't wait to hear how tomorrow goes! :)