Sunday, December 14, 2008

What Does the US State Department Post Mean?

My understanding of this post is that Kyrgyzstan officials are not yet saying when they will begin processing adoption paperwork (they have been addressing IA issues internally since summer). The DOS is not saying that adoptions will not continue, or that the country is closed to international adoption. The DOS says, in a subsequent post, that they do not recommend families to start adoption in Kyrgyzstan because there just is no information available from Kyrgyz officials right now. We are waiting until the Kyrgyzstan government has addressed the issues they chose to address, and waiting until they are ready to tell us what they want to tell us. This is all not new information, although when Kyrgyzstan stopped processing adoptions this past summer everyone thought it was just for a few weeks or a couple months.

It is hard to wait. Yet there are families that were in Kyrgyzstan on trip one in spring, met their children, and are just waiting for paperwork to be signed so that they can go and pick up the child. Please send positive thoughts for those families.

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Amy said...

Sounds like another country I know! hehe and big hugs to you all!
I think that it means that they don't know WHEN they will be doing WHAT ever it is that they are supposed to be doing NOW! Leave it to the governement to give you the run-around answer!!!