Thursday, December 25, 2008

Showing Off A Little

About two year ago I started quilting. More precisely, I enjoy designing the quilt top, piecing it together, and sewing it. I am not a fan of the actually quilting, meaning stitching the quilt top, the quilt back, and the batting together. I let someone else do that. I'm posting a picture of the body of the quilt I just finished for Drew for Christmas. It is supposed to have an "ocean" feel to it.


Kathy and Matt said...

your quilt is beautiful!

I wish I had that kind of talent. Another friend of mine quilts and she loves it too. What a gift!

Hope your holidays have been fun.

Amy said...

Hi Rita!
The quilt is beautiful! I am SO not crafty in any way!!!

Hope that you had a wonderful holiday!

Hopefully, things will move forward in Kyrgz in January!!

Take care!!