Thursday, September 11, 2008

We are Registered In Kyrgyzstan

I verified with our agency that our dossier is registered with the Kyrgyz government in Kyrgystan. Our dossier will remain there until we have a referral. At that time it will be legalized and translated. We are just waiting now. The courts are not granting any adoptions right now anyway, so there is no point in wondering how long it will take. We do hope it will be within a year. We will need to get the rest of the money together. I'll think about that tomorrow. We are content with the progress at this point.

On another note, we should have our one-time-free reissued I171H shortly.


Monica said...

That's good news! It's so interesting tho how different agencies process the dossiers in different ways. I hope you get a referral soon! Best wishes!!!

Amy said...

What great news! One step down - and a few more to go!