Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Minor Comments

We received our one-time-free I171H reissue a couple weeks ago. It said we are approved for one child when in fact we are approved for two children. It is being reissued again to reflect two children. USCIS was very fast acknowledging my inquiry. I considered leaving it be since we are not requesting two children, but decided to go ahead and make the change because you never know what can happen.

I found out that we are approx. 12th in line for a referral with our agency. They wouldn't give a specific number. It is where we thought we would be.

I have considered opening my adoption blog up to other topics. I am amazed by the number of blogs some people maintain. Adoption blogs, family blogs, homeschooling blogs, etc. We have one private blog about our son, Aiden, and is meant to be a journal of his life. I'm not very good about keeping it updated. This is our second blog. I may consolidate the two, or at least add other topics to this one and keep the private blog as is.


Kathy and Matt said...

Sounds like things continue to move forward, step-by-step for your adoption.

Like you, I feel I'm barely able to keep up with one blog. Our's went from an adoption blog, to following daily life...mainly updates on the girls.

Hope you are all doing well.

Mike and Christie said...

It sounds like ya'll are moving ahead! That is great news.