Friday, August 1, 2008

Dossiers and Mindful Consumption

Our dossier was received and approved this week by our adoption agency. I received an email last night that our dossier is ready to be shipped to Kyrgyzstan. I'm not sure what happens with it when it gets there, but I've asked the question and I'm waiting for the answer.

Since things are moving along on the adoption path I focus again on funding. I found this wonderful meditation group that meets on Wednesday evening. August is the month that participants may wish to consider their consumption, which isn't necessarily defined by just that which costs money. I have personally given this some attention in recent months and feel as though I made some personal progress reducing my personal consumption of "stuff" (the money factor)and hope to realize more opportunities to reduce my financial consumption. I still have a lot of work to do with regard to consumption of information and knowledge, as well as of time.

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Monica said...

So do you think they send your dossier to Kyrgyzstan for translation? I seem to remember that some agencies do send them all the way there to be translated. I didn't even ask our agency where ours is being translated... hmm. Fill us in on where your dossier will go next once you find out. I have just recently outlined what my agency told me about where ours is going next. Also any idea where you are in line for a referral and when are you eligible to even receive a referral with your agency? We have been told that we will not get a referral until our dossier has cleared the embassy.
Best wishes!!!