Friday, May 16, 2008

Small StepsToward Moving Forward

We picked the agency and I have the contract here signed and notarized. I haven't mailed it yet. Contract terms are terrible no matter who you deal with. Some are downright unbelievable. Those we just tossed in the trash. Nobody in their right mind would sign these contracts if it weren't for an adoption. I can now truly understand why you have to trust your agency because you sign away all your right in return for costly hope!

We sent our letter to USCIS asking for an appointment to update our fingerprints. We also asked to have our country changed. We already had our homestudy done last month. I'm not sure if there is a form to fill out to get the country changed. I'll call our social worker or just hear back from USCIS if I drag my feet long enough.

Ok, really, really, I'm putting the contract in the mail next week.


Tami said...

Small steps are all you need. ;) Take it at your own pace.

Kathy & Matt said...

Small steps mean progress so that's great. I totally understand your comments about contracts!

Shirley and Steve said...

Work as fast or as slow as you wish. After your Ukraine disaster, I commend you for being able to bounce back into the international adoption game as quick as you have.

Anonymous said...

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Jessica said...

Even small steps are still steps forward. =) We are praying for you guys. If anyone deserves a smooth process it is you!

It was great seeing you all Saturday. Sorry we had to leave early with out saying goodbye. Emaline actually fell asleep in the water, lol. Hope to see you again soon.