Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nothing New to Report

We are still deciding on an agency. I hate it. I wish we could do this independently.

I added a new element to the blog; a map tracker.

We met Carolyn and Jack along with their sons Joe and Max. Max was adopted from Ukraine last year. Both boys are delightful. They had a winner with Joe and found another awesome son in Ukraine.


Tami said...

I know finding the right agency is hard, but if you get a good one they're worth there weight in gold. Hang in there. You'll find one. ;)

Dave said...

We're right there with you, trying to figure out what next? However, we don't even know which country yet. Square one.
I hope your new path is quick and smooth.

rachel said...

i love the map tracker... very cool (i'm your flag from los angeles!). we are thinking of revising our ukraine plans too... so sad for the children there.

can't wait to here more about your new journey!

best regards,

THE ISBELL'S said...

I've just now came across your blog again and I am so sorry your trip did not go well. It is very sad for the children in Ukraine. I continue to pray for families to find their children. Yours was not in Ukraine... that means you've got to keep looking until you find them!

Monica said...

Best wishes to you! We are early in this process and signed on with Adoption Ark. Email me and I'll send you an invite to our blog... monica 1216 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

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Mike and Christie said...

Still thinking of you. Hope you find an agency soon.:)