Sunday, March 25, 2007

And Yet We Continue...

We are nearing the end of the paperwork process. I am optimistic that we will have everything completed by end of April. We no longer have to worry about the various licenses being valid for six months after submission to the SDA. The medical certificates will be updated next week. I think, based on what I've heard, that we will have our I171H back in mid-April. It looks like it is all coming together.

Unfortunately, there are some possible changes coming for Ukrainian adoptions. UA is considering closing off adoptions to single parents (this breaks my heart for those that have been waiting for so long), and limiting the age spread between adopting parents and adoptees to 45 years. As it stands, it would apply to the oldest parent. We'll see what actually happens long term, and we are adapting our plan to work with the worst case scenario (not that we couldn't and wouldn't love an older child then we initially planned to adopt as much as a younger child).

More to follow.


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