Sunday, January 4, 2009

About Blog Wallpaper and TVs

I am seeing a whole lot of darling blogs. I'm talking totally gorgeous. Where does this breathtaking wallpaper come from? Does this cost money?

I'm always caught between remaining hip and trendy, and keeping things simple and basic. I generally just remain caught in the middle. For example, we have a 20+ year old TV. There is a dead zone at the top of the screen, and people's heads are chopped off at the forehead because of it. We have to bang the side of the TV for the picture to come in. We can afford to go out tomorrow to get a new TV, but it just isn't important to us. We don't even have cable. We care next to nothing about this. Next month we won't have a picture at all when we turn on the TV. I suppose we will get a TV then. Maybe.

When I see the TVs at the store I'm amazed at the colors and detail of the picture. Aiden just sits down in the middle of the TV aisle staring at all the TVs, and is in the twilight zone of course. But I still feel no compulsion to get one, except for the thought of the minimal floor space we would gain from having the TV on the wall instead of a table.

I'd appreciate some feedback on blog wallpaper options. I may not buy a TV, but I'll surely consider some hip and trendy free blog wallpaper.


Corinne said...

Hi Rita,You can get free backgrounds for your blog at or you can click on my blog and on the top left corner there is a link to the sight.Many of us bloggers use this sight for our backgrounds.Good luck and have fun!!

Lori said...

I second Corinne's recommendation! They have REALLY cute little wallpapers and things and are fairly easy to implement--obviously, as I did it :)

Good luck!

Staci and Damon said...

The cutest blog on the block has great wallpapers that are so easy to install!

I also wanted to tell you that your quilt top is beautiful! I did a top about three years ago, but I never finished it. I never thought about having someone finish it for me!! Thanks for the idea.

Jackie said...

I'm just popping over to say 'hello'. I found your blog on the Kyrg yahoo group. I'm also in FL - south FL.

I wish you a smooth journey to your child in Kyrg.