Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Any Western Trained Doctors in Kyrgyzstan?

We wonder if we are able to hire a local doctor with Western medical experience while in Kyrgystan. We were so satisfied with this option in Ukraine and wish it exists in Kyrgystan. If anyone knows...PLEASE leave some info in a comment. I did a quick websearch. Didn't find too much except a list of doctors that do examinations for the Canadian Embassy. I wonder if that is an option? Probably a remote one.

There are a few more documents required by the Embassy of Kyrgyz Republic. Our agency says we don't need them. I think it is wise to be proactive and collect them. From what I can tell this temporary closing of the Embassy is in part to standardize the dossier requirements.

We get our fingerprints update on Saturday. The new homestudy should be done and in the mail to USCIS. I'm in a good position with our documents. I should be able to collect them quickly when it is time.


Monica said...

Oh that's an interesting idea to try and find a westernly trained Dr. in Kyrgyz... I hope you are successful and travel before us to pave the way with that!

What agency are you with? I can't keep everyone straight. We're with Adoption Ark.

Shawn and Megan Mitchell said...

Congrats on moving forward! Would you ming blogging a bit about the process? I'd love to know timelines and the availablity of children. God bless you all in this adventure to bring a child home.