Wednesday, March 19, 2008

That Darn Clocklink Clock

I was shocked to see four comments posted on our blog. How kind of everyone to be thinking of and praying for us.

I vividly remember spending an entire day trying to get the Clocklink clock to show up on our blog a year ago. Now, again, I cannot get it to show up as I'm adding elements for Kyrgyzstan. Why should I care? I just want it, that's why. The Clocklink instructions are not terribly helpful, although more helpful then last year. Yeah, they tell you what to do, but I don't get it, and I really need the cut and paste data. I am apparently very blog-challenged. Even my IT genius husband can't get it working. He can do anything with computers, but he doesn't do html.

Adding the flag, however, was no challenge at all.



Shawn and Megan Mitchell said...

Hi Drew and Rita,
First, thank you for your honesty on your blog. We do feel a calling to adopt from Ukraine, but your blog has helped us prepare for the reality that anything could happen.
We are remaining hopeful and pray for guidance.

I hope that Kyrgystan will bring forth a child for your family. We will pray for a healthy child and a smoothe process.

As for the clock, go to
and follow the instructions to get you html code. You can copy and paste it into your blog through layout and then the html option. Hope this helps:)

Nataliya said...

I was so sad when I learned that you returned home without children, but now I'm so happy that you are moving forward! Your child is waiting for you in Kyrgyzstan!

rachel said...

rita and drew,

my heart feels better knowing you are not giving up!
i hope your son is doing well too.
best of luck with your new choice!!!


Christine said...

Good to hear you are not giving up! I look forward to following your new journey. I'm sure your children are out there waiting for you!

John and Amy said...

Rita and Drew!
I was so saddened to hear that things did not work out in Ukraine - every day I thought of you guys and had hoped and hoped that your child was there. I am extremely happy for you that you are moving forward and taking on the challenge once again! I'll be watching your blog and thinking positive thoughts for you!
Best wishes!


Dave & Rachael said...

I have been following your blog and am happy you are going forward!

Ruslan and Inna said...

Rita and Drew - you guys have a great attitude and we wish you the best in your new endeavor to adopt from another country. Don't know if we will ever be ready for that if Ukraine doesn't work out for us.

Jessica said...

I finally got a moment to read the last 2 months of your blog and catch up with what has been happening with your adoption situation. WOW! I had no idea it was that bad in Ukraine. Ever since you emailed me about Vietnam we have been praying for you guys and thinking about you a lot. We will continue to pray for God to lead you and your future child together, where ever he/she is. Hope to see you Saturday!

(Tampa Bay International Adoption Familes)

Dave said...

Hey, I see you got the clock worked out!