Monday, January 28, 2008

It Is Almost Time

We leave in less then two weeks. I'm so glad I have my new friend Tracy P to tell me how many days are left before leaving. We are on the same flight to Kyiv.

I think we are all prepared now with the over-the-counter meds and such the only thing remaining. I won't even describe how much work it has been preparing for this trip, daily life with the busy 4 year old boy, and getting Mom situated and handling her household and financial affairs as well as ours. Anyway, all is under control and we have the most generous and loving friends helping us out. We would have never known how blessed we were if we hadn't asked for help from others. I can only hope that I can do for others as much as they have done for us!

We will try to pack tonight and see how that goes. We are really traveling light. I found a free book download website. All of Aiden's homeschool material is on CD so I saved it on our laptop. I may take two small books along for myself and perhaps one for Aiden. Michelle P was so generous and sent us a Gameboy for Aiden. He doesn't know it yet. That should keep him occupied at the worst moments.

I cannot thank all the folks on the Ukrainian Angels yahoo group. They are worth every penny spent to be part of them.

I'm not sure there will be much left to post until we are on route. All of your best wishes, prayers, positive thoughts, positive energy, etc. is appreciated. One person is sending us off with love. Isn't that wonderful?


Tami said...

I'm so excited for you! I hope to be on my way home BEFORE you arrive...although at the rate it is going I'm starting to wonder. If you don't post before you leave, know that you're in our thoughts and prayers as you start this great journey.

Kathy & Matt said...

I can totally relate to where you are in the process right now. The stress of managing all the last details of packing, managing affairs while away, travel, etc. is enormous. I remember feeling like my brain would explode during the last week.
So take a deep breath and know you'll get through it.
You are smart to pack light. I thought we did fairly well, but then ended up bringin more than we needed. And it is a hassle to haul around.
Hopefully our paths will cross soon.
You're in our thoughts