Wednesday, December 5, 2007

More Errands Under Our Belts

We purchased our airline tickets. I think you need a million credit card reward points to actually get free tickets for international travel, but 2 out of 3 free ain't bad.

We have some wonderful neighbors that volunteered to water our plants while we are gone.

I"m printing out as much reference material as I can find to bring with us. I don't think we will be learning much Russian or Ukrainian before leaving. We will have lists.

Ukraine is a cash economy. They want new crisp $100 bills when you pay the "fees". The bank employees look at your cross-eyed when you order a large amount of new $100 bills.

I wrapped Aiden's Christmas presents last night at a MOMS Club wrapping get-together. How much fun will it be to wrap presents for two kids (maybe three?) next year.

I'm sure I'm forgetting to post something but it wasn't written down.



Christine said...

Friends of ours just got back from Russia and told me that four of their hundred dollar bills were rejected. I wonder what they would have done had they not had money to replace it.

Kathy & Matt said...

I loved your last comment about forgetting something but it's not written down! LOL!
My desk seems to be one big pile of lists.
I hope we can connect in person while in Ukraine!