Wednesday, November 14, 2007

When It Rains It Pours

Our hands are full. Our adoption trip is not the only project. Mom is recovering, slowly but surely, in the skilled nursing facility. I hope and wish she is home before we leave for Ukraine. It would be a gut wrenching choice to make to leave before she is home. We have to resign ourselves to just accepting what is and what will be.

Since we live in Florida we are spending every last dime we will save on winter travel airfare on purchasing winter clothing. An upnorth friend was kind enough to mail us a size 4T winter coat for our son to wear in Ukraine. We hoped to travel with just our Rick Steves travel backpacks, but now realize that we will need a checkin bag for some of our stuff. Fleece clothes may be warm and light weight, but they do not squish down very well. I think we now have a handle on the clothes to take.

Next is the paperwork and reference material. There is so much information to have with you, particularly for an information junkie like me. I can see where the advantage is to using an agency - let them worry about all the little stuff. Well, it is our worries to bear at this point. It will be ok. I contacted Dr. Yuri for his medical services and he has responsed that he will be available to us. He will be worth his weight in gold. We have no doubt that we will use him, if only to have some initial information to give to the pediatrician here in the States.

I cannot think of much else to post. We just have to get everything together now and purchase the travel tickets. It would be great to be able to use our reward points from the credit card company. Otherwise I think we will call Lonnie Rowland.

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Kathy & Matt said...

I'll keep your mom in my prayers. I can understand how much of a worry it would be to leave if she's not back at home.
We did use our cc points to cover the cost of our tickets. Tried to use NWA miles to upgrade, but no luck - no seats available unless we paid highest coach fare there was. Since we may come home during the 10 day wait + passport wait, we may end up purchasing more tickets, but at least this saved us about $1900. I'd give it a shot.